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Media hail Sinomach as ecologically and socially conscious



Sinomach is tapping the potential of its industrial strength to help China stay committed to pursuing high-quality development. The commitment includes deepening reform and opening-up, realizing carbon peaking and neutrality targets, and meeting its responsibilities as a great nation.

Positive progress has been made through the company's unremitting efforts to promote low-carbon development and enhance China's international contributions.

Media organizations including People's Daily, China Media Group and China Industry News have recently reported on the representative projects undertaken by Sinomach and spoke highly of the tangible economic and social benefits brought about by the projects.

People's Daily: Green projects contribute to global environmental governance

People's Daily, one of the most influential media outlets in China, published a story entitled "Together for a Greener Future", to introduce overseas green projects undertaken by Chinese enterprises, noting that China has always followed the concept of green development in pursuing high-quality Belt and Road cooperation, and has boosted local sustainable development and global environmental governance.

The report highlighted the Belgrade wastewater treatment project in Serbia, where the construction of the plant's main unit was tasked to Sinomach subsidiary China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC).

Serbia has very little treatment of wastewater, and Belgrade is the only capital in Europe that disposes of municipal wastewater in the immediate vicinity without treatment. It mainly overflows into the Danube and Sava rivers, causing pollution and sludge deposition in the rivers' beds and tributaries.

In January 2020, Serbia's capital city signed a cooperation agreement with CMEC for the financing of research and design of a system for the collection and treatment of wastewater, which will output 448,000 cubic meters per day of treated wastewater conforming to emission standards.

China Media Group: Sinomach's relief supplies arrive in tsunami-hit Tonga


Packed emergency relief materials wait to be shipped to Tonga. [Photo/a screenshot from a CCTV news report]

Sinomach's relief supplies that include 30 "Dongfanghong" LX704 tractors and 50 FIRMAN generator sets have arrived in Tonga, according to a report of China Media Group.

The report said some bulky Sinomach goods and materials such as mobile houses, tractors, electric generators and water pumps were transported in good time by Chinese naval vessels to the South Pacific archipelago devastated by a volcanic eruption and tsunami.

With its ability as a leading builder Sinomach has taken an active part in China's assistance to Tonga for disaster relief and reconstruction.

According to export records the 30 tractors were provided by Sinomach affiliate YTO Group Corporation (YTO), and the 50 generators were prepared by another subsidiary of Sinomach SUMEC Group Corporation within 24 hours.

The variety of emergency relief materials showcases that Sinomach has solid strength and awareness of responsibility to contribute to the international community.

China Industry News: Clean energy helps Beijing practice a "green Olympics"

As one of the greatest threats to our existence and to the future of our planet, climate change doesn't just affect one place, but the whole world.

Thus, at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, which just ended, China has again demonstrated its capability and determination to tackle the global challenge of climate change through putting in place innovative and green technologies to protect the environment.

Knowing that preparations for the event, such as the construction of venues, roads and other facilities, could lead to an increase in energy use and carbon emissions, the Beijing 2022 organizing committee was determined to implement carbon reduction measures such as low-carbon venues, energy use and transportation.

Sinomach played its part in reducing carbon emissions by taking advantage of its technology. The company's subsidiary China IPPR International Engineering Co Ltd was in charge of an integrated energy utilization project in Yanqing, a competition venue for the Games.

The project was to provide 100 percent green power supply for the cold and heat sources of the Yanqing Olympic Village and the press center of the Yanqing competition area, as well as energy security services for these facilities.

China has shown the world its commitment to ecological conservation. Indeed, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics provided sustainable initiatives to ensure ecological protection and carbon-neutral Games.

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