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Increasing overseas market development boosts BRI construction


Sinomach is kicking into high gear to perfect the blueprint of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) on connectivity and the construction of global industry and supply chains. With many high-quality BRI projects under construction, the company has seen rapid growth of international trade, which is an important helper for the new dual-circulation development pattern where the domestic market is the mainstay while foreign and domestic markets reinforce each other.

CMEC inks housing construction project with Turkey


A video conference is held to sign the Sisli integrated housing project in Turkey, which will be built by Sinomach subsidiary CMEC. [Photo/CMEC]

China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC), a subsidiary of Sinomach, recently signed a cooperation agreement with TA?YAPI, a leading Turkish brand in infrastructure and superstructure contract projects, to launch an integrated housing construction project in Sisli, Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey.

CMEC, as the general contractor, will undertake the design, supply and engineering of the project, which includes dwellings, home offices and large parking lots.

During the signing ceremony, a TA?YAPI representative said that the company is ready to join hands with CMEC to develop more projects in Turkey and will work together to promote Turkey's economic development and enhance the friendship between the two countries.

Sinomach-HE exports agricultural equipment to West Africa


Tractors developed by Sinomach-HE are lined up awaiting shipment. [Photo/Sinomach-HE]

A large quantity of tractors and agricultural machinery developed by SINOMACH Heavy Equipment Group Co Ltd (Sinomach-HE), an affiliate of Sinomach, have arrived in West Africa.

Last year, a purchase deal of construction machinery was signed between the two sides and then delivered to the West African owner, and more bilateral cooperation has since followed. This large order marked an expansion of the business cooperation of both sides apart from the construction machinery field.

The recent order included about 100 tractors and other agricultural machinery equipment of different sizes. To ensure their smooth delivery, Sinomach-HE adequately prepared for the shipping. With the loading plan completed and cargo space booked in advance, the shipment departed in a timely manner and arrived before the local rainy season.

Laos Nam Ngum 4 hydropower project close to finalization


An inspector talks with the members of the project team to learn more about its progress on July 29. [Photo/China Foma]

The Nam Ngum 4 hydropower project in Laos, which was constructed by Sinomach affiliate China National Heavy Machinery Corporation (CHMC), accepted the phased review on July 29, which showed that the project was 70 percent finished according to the final assessment of the committee of inspection.

The inspectors spoke highly of the current construction progress and quality of the project, adding that the CHMC employees have made great efforts to get over difficulties brought by the COVID-19 epidemic and to break through engineering problems, minimizing the impact of the epidemic on the project.

The construction of the project began in 2018 and is expected to be completed in 2023.

CHMC is committed to building it into a model project for BRI construction.

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