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Sinomach supports flood relief efforts in Henan


Extremely heavy rainfall recently hit Central China's Henan province, with the rain in Zhengzhou, the provincial capital, exceeding the highest local recorded level. The heavy rainfall and floods have affected 2.3 million people in the city's 147 towns, causing direct economic losses of 9.78 billion yuan ($1.51 billion).

Sinomach, a leading China's state-owned enterprise, immediately pledged a 10 million yuan ($1.5 million) donation for Henan's flood relief on July 22. Led by the company's headquarters, subsidiaries also contributed to the flood-hit province.

The labor union of Sinomach purchased 120,000 bottles of mineral water, 1,000 boxes of milk and other materials on July 26, and sent them to the company's affiliates that were affected by the heavy rain in Zhengzhou.


Couriers load the donations to Henan province. [Photo/Sinomach]


Lanzhou Power Station & Vehicle Institute Co Ltd, an affiliate of SINOMACH Academy of Science and Technology Co Ltd, immediately organized a 400-kilowatt special power supply vehicle and an on-board support team to help secure the power supply in Zhengzhou. [Photo/SINOMAST]

More than 150 volunteers from Sinomach subsidiary SIPPR Engineering Group Co Ltd (SIPPR) took the initiative in fighting floods and providing disaster relief. They prevented dikes overflowing and breaching, transferred relief materials and carried out safety inspections of buildings and service facilities.


The SIPPR's volunteers pose for a group photo after completing the tasks. [Photo/SIPPR]


Utilizing their expertise in engineering design and management, the volunteers conduct safety checks on roads, building walls and public facilities in old residential areas. [Photo/SIPPR]



Volunteers of SIPPR work on supply delivery. It took them nearly seven hours to unload the more than 10 trucks of relief materials. [Photo/SIPPR]

SUMEC Group Corporation (SUMEC), a subsidiary of Sinomach, promptly deployed a number of FIRMAN generator sets, which have ranked first for six consecutive years among brands of exported portable gasoline generators in China, and sent them to Henan via special delivery to ease power shortages and ensure smooth communication in disaster-affected areas.

SUMEC also assembled a professional engineering team to provide 24-hour technical support for the generators sent to Henan.


The FIRMAN generator sets produced by SUMEC are ready to be loaded on the transport vehicles to Henan. [Photo/SUMEC]

The Sinomach subsidiaries in Henan were tasked with stepping up the local disaster relief work, and solidifying flood control and relief measures. The company also urged them to make every effort to protect people's lives and property, ensure the safety of employees, and do their best to reduce damage to property of enterprises and projects.


The flooded areas of an AE-contracted project in Luoyang, a city in Central China's Henan province. [Photo/AE]

The Zhongyuan Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industrial Park and the Luoyang Olympic Center, two projects undertaken by Sinomach affiliate Automotive Engineering Corporation (AE), are located in the flood-ravaged regions. The project teams worked to drain the severe flooding at the two sites.

The AE project teams had made contingency plans before the rainstorm-triggered floods ravaged the province, and had strengthened regular patrols and started the emergency response in a timely manner.

Each project team is now focused on communicating with the project owners and restoring the construction as soon as possible on the premise that risk prevention and troubleshooting measures for safe production have been put in place.

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