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Sinomach further supports Zambia's agricultural development and food security



Sinomach subsidiary China Machinery Industry Construction Group Inc (SINOCONST) has undertaken two state-of-the-art facilities for meal processing in Zambia. The two milling plants are part of a China-aided project. A completion and handover ceremony of the project was held in the capital city Lusaka in early June.

The project is an important outcome of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and a model case of China-Zambia cooperation. It is another milestone in enhancing the cordial bilateral relations between the two countries.

The two industrial milling plants are located in southern Zambia and have with a daily capacity to produce 240 tons of meal. They are expected to enhance food security and reduce the price of the meal used in preparing the country's staple food.

The milling plant project is under the Presidential Milling Plants Initiative. Over 1,000 solar-powered milling plants have been installed in various parts of the southern African nation since 2015.

The project not only provided jobs during the construction stage but also created about 300 additional jobs in which local people will gain technical skills on how to run the milling plants.

China has always been supporting Zambia's agricultural development and food security in various forms, and remains open to other proposals aimed at tapping the potential of agriculture cooperation with Zambia.


Aerial view of the milling plant in Lusaka, one of the three meal processing plants funded by China [Photo/SINOCONST]


Aerial view of the milling plant in Monze [Photo/SINOCONST]


Aerial view of the milling plant in Mpika [Photo/SINOCONST]

The whole production process from raw grain purchase, storage, production and processing to the packaging of corn meal products has been automated in the plants, which are expected to yield 150,000 tons of meal and by-products per year.

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