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Sinomach deepens cooperation with BRI countries in agriculture and power supply



Major developments have been occurring due to the China-proposed Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) that is becoming a global phenomenon and leading to regional connectivity. Chinese builders have been encouraged to show Chinese quality in the booming overseas market.

CMEC helps Mongolia improve communications network

China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC), a subsidiary of Sinomach, has inked an engineering, procurement and construction contract for Mongolia's national backbone network, including radio monitoring and a national laboratory project with the Mongolia state-owned company that governs the country's information and communication network.


CMEC will be responsible for the design, procurement and construction of radio monitoring and direction-finding systems and the national laboratory, while the national broadband network of Mongolia will be reformed and expanded. [Photo/CMEC]

The project is the third phase of network transformation in Mongolia. After completion, the project will greatly enhance Mongolia's market application and management of monitoring of the radio spectrum, improve electromagnetic compatibility of radio products and detection capacity of its radio frequency laboratory, and help elevate the country's overall information service level.

CHMC signs Nigerian edible oil project

Sinomach subsidiary China National Heavy Machinery Corporation (CHMC) has signed a contract for design and supply of a production line capable of daily processing of 500 tons of soybeans and 300 tons of palm kernel edible oil with LEBRUNI AGRO LTD, a Nigerian food production and processing company, via video link.


Representatives of CHMC pose for a group photo at the contract signing ceremony of Nigeria 500TPO soybean and 300TPO palm kernel edible oil production line project. [Photo/CHMC]

CHMC will build a soybean pretreatment, extraction and refining production line, a palm kernel press production line, and soybean storage facilities, and will supply finished oil filling and packaging lines and install their key equipment.

The company will also provide a detailed design solution for the plant's substations, water treatment systems, storage tanks, and steel structure buildings.

The project after completion will further improve the local agricultural products processing capacity and boost economic development and local employment.

The project signifies that CHMC has made headway in developing new markets and exploring new potential areas in Africa and can be expected to gain a foothold in the growing African markets.

YTO exports products to Australia, Cote d'Ivoire

The first electric lawn mower produced by Sinomach subsidiary YTO Group Corporation (YTO) has been sent to Australia, a good start for the development of the Australian market.


The electric lawn mower developed by YTO [Photo/YTO]

YTO rolled out the electric lawn mower according to the fact that the market demand for electric lawn mowers is growing as the public awareness of environmental protection has been improved. The product has the advantages of zero emissions and long endurance and can be used to mow golf courses, airports and parks.

YTO also delivered 25 YTO-EMF604 tractors to the largest cotton company in Cote d'Ivoire, which also ordered 16 trailers from YTO.

YTO had earlier investigated major dealers and agricultural markets in Cote d'Ivoire and found that there is a considerable demand for tractors in the north of the country where cotton is grown in large quantities.

To this end, YTO sought cooperation with the largest local cotton manufacturer and launched the YTO-EMF604 tractors that are tailored for the local hard soil.

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