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Sinomach strides forward in technological innovation and breakthroughs



Sinomach gives full play to its strengths in scientific and technological innovation, equipment manufacturing and research and development, and in the independence of its key core technologies in making unremitting efforts to boost high-quality development of China’s machinery industry.

CHTC develops a high yield and low melt polyester staple fiber post-processing line


A Workshop of low melt polyester staple fiber [Photo/CHTC]

China Hi-tech Group Corporation (CHTC), a subsidiary of Sinomach, has developed a low melt polyester staple fiber post-processing line with an annual output of 50,000 tons that has been put into service. The production line is included in the national high-tech research and development program (863 program), which was initiated in 1986 and integrated into the national key research and development program from 2016.

Green manufacturing and circular economy are pillars of the sustainable development of mankind. The low melt polyester staple with recycled polyester as its core layer is a non-toxic and environmentally-friendly product.

To design the production line, CHTC made innovative changes in workflow configuration, equipment structure and online testing on the basis of modern design methods, and equipped it with an intelligent control system and a remote fault diagnosis system in order to make it a production line of large output, low energy consumption, stable but simple operation, and early warning of required maintenance.

The low melt polyester staple fiber features excellent bonding properties, durability, resilience, and an ability to mix with the properties of other fibers. It has become a preferred raw material for green manufacturing of textiles, mattresses, palm fibers and automotive interiors.

The development of the production line will play a leading role in the harmless, resource-oriented, high-quality and comprehensive recycling of polyester waste.

EHEC completes large bridge castings


The ultra-large bridge castings manufacturing site [Photo/Sinomach-HE]

Erzhong (Deyang) Heavy Equipment Co Ltd (EHEC), an affiliate of SINOMACH Heavy Equipment Group Co Ltd, recently completed ultra-large type anchorage castings for bridges, the largest bridge castings the company has produced in recent years.

The anchorage castings will be used for the Jiangxi River Bridge which connects various cities and a new international airport -- Chengdu Tianfu International Airport -- in Chengdu, Sichuan province. The anchorage casting, the main stress component of the bridge, has a complex shape and large size that surpasses general bridge casting products; it required nearly 500 tons of molten steel.

EHEC gave full play to the comprehensive strength of large-scale and high-end major technical equipment development, and successfully solved technical problems in the assembly of the anchorage casting and in meeting the requirements of strength and precision of the steel skeleton.

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