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Sinomach helps Chinese intelligent manufacturing



Sinomach, a leading player in the machinery industry, is making unremitting efforts to boost the intelligent and digital transformation of all sectors in China.

IPPR maps intelligent cold chain logistics and central kitchen project


Design scheme of Sinomach subsidiary IPPR for a food factory in Heze, East China’s Shandong province [Photo/CAMCE]

China IPPR International Engineering Co Ltd (IPPR), an affiliate of Sinomach, has designed a cold-chain logistics center warehouse, distribution warehouse and central kitchen system in Heze, Shandong province.

The project will include a central kitchen with a daily output of 400,000 servings of food per unit, and cold-chain storage and distribution centers with an annual throughput of 500,000 tons per unit. The factory will then be capable of producing 150,000 tons of meat and 3,000 tons of freeze-dried food per unit.

Based on advanced food processing and reliable cold chain technology, it aims to be an intelligent food processing and production platform, and to establish a green and intelligent central kitchen system.

The project is designed to build the factory into a first-class modern distribution and processing center and also a food processing and logistics service park that integrates a variety of new business forms under the green and intelligent pattern.

IPPR’s winning of the bid showcased the company’s technical advantages and brand influence in the field of logistics, and further paved a way for business development in the fields of food cold-chain distribution and central kitchen systems.

AE to build a digital auto plant in Shanghai


Design drawing of the renovation and expansion project of the SAIC plant in Shanghai Pudong New Area [Photo/AE]

Sinomach subsidiary Automotive Engineering Corporation (AE) recently signed an EPC project of digital transformation construction to remodel and enlarge an auto plant of SAIC Group in the Lingang Special Area, Shanghai Pudong New Area.

CMIE participates in building intelligent power grid equipment


Design sketch of a testing center of the Electric Power Research Institute affiliated to State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company [Photo/CMEC]

China Machinery International Engineering Design & Research Institute Co Ltd (CMIE), a subsidiary of Sinomach, has cooperated with Zhongda Weiye (Beijing) Engineering Technology Co LTD to lay out an intelligent system for a grid equipment testing center of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) affiliated to State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company (SGCC Hunan).

The intelligent transformation project includes the construction of 18 intelligent subsystems including a central computer room, a video conference system and a private network integrated cabling system. Modern technologies including the internet of things, big data and mobile internet will be introduced to build a unified information infrastructure system as well as a knowable and controllable intelligent park.

The project will involve SGCC and the EPRI establishing a whole process management system that covers administration, production, property and other operations of the kind to comprehensively elevate the integration and informatization level of the industrial park and create a safe, comfortable, intelligent and efficient working and living environment for employees.

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