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CHMC completes first-stage construction of its Cambodian power project




Aerial view of the first phase of Cambodia Eastern Loop-Line Power Transmission Line Project [Photo/]

The Cambodia Eastern Loop-Line Power Transmission Line Phase I Project, owned by the Cambodian National Electric Power Co (EDC), was recently granted a completion certificate, marking a perfect ending of the first stage construction.

China Heavy Machinery Corporation (CHMC), a subsidiary of Sinomach, undertook project construction of the Cambodia Eastern Loop-Line Power Transmission Line in the EPC general contracting mode.

The project, signed in October 2016 and officially started in March 2018, included the construction of two new 50 MW substations, expanding of a booster station, and building of a 230kV double-circuit line on shared towers covering 275 km across four provinces in northeastern Cambodia.

These in-service power facilities have greatly alleviated the power shortage in the northeastern part of Cambodia and helped the country achieve its target of a transformer station in every province.

The project team ensured the construction schedule under poor execution conditions caused by the local tropical rainy season and weathered the challenges brought by the harsh environment of a virgin forest. They elaborated scientific plans for management and construction, and completed the project in advance with high quality, which was highly recognized by the owner.

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