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SINOMITI builds first industrial robot line in China




Indoor views of the first demonstration intelligent manufacturing production line in China supported by the SINOMITI [Photo/]

The Sinomach Intelligence Technology Research Institute (SINOMITI), a subsidiary of Sinomach, recently launched the first demonstration intelligent manufacturing production line in China led by service robots for industrial production in partnership with Chongqing Jiesigu Robot Technology Co affiliated to CANBOT, a leading intellectual service robotics creator, manufacturer and commercial solutions provider in the country. SINOMITI provided fully independent design services for the line.

The production line integrates intelligent technologies involving storage, logistics, assembly and detection and adopts an automatic storage and retrieval system that can access materials via unmanned forklifts. The intelligent assembly with intelligent robots as the core can allocate the work content and production order of each workstation in the system as needed.

The production line, which combines intelligent equipment, an automatic control system, and an independent iMOM (intelligent manufacturing operations management) system, has improved the plant's production efficiency and resource utilization as well as product quality, shortened its overall development cycle, and reduced its operation cost, achieving the overall goals of smart factory construction.

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