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Lanpec leads installation of molten-salt thermocline tanks in Dubai




The completed molten-salt thermocline tanks will be part of a solar thermal and photovoltaic plant project in Dubai, capital of the United Arab Emirates. [Photo/]

A 700MW Concentrating Solar Power and 250MW Photovoltaic Hybrid Project in Dubai, capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), assigned the installation of eight molten-salt thermocline tanks to Shanghai Lanbin Petrochemical Equipment Co, Ltd (Lanpec), an affiliate of Sinomach, and Emypro and CYD, two Spanish companies that specialize in storage tank manufacturing and assembly.

The project is now progressing smoothly, and the installation of two such tanks undertaken by Lanpec was completed on Nov 8, with the tanks entering trial operation stage, ahead of similar work assumed by the other two companies.

With that completion Lanpec has taken another solid step forward in the engineering of molten-salt thermocline tanks for solar plants, and established a positive image in the international market.

The Dubai solar plant is currently the world’s largest photothermal and photovoltaic integrated power plant project, and serves as a potent booster of the promotion of the UAE’s Energy Strategy 2050.

During the construction, Lanpec’s project team formulated strict management regulations on safety, construction quality, project scheduling and epidemic prevention and control. They overcame unfavorable construction conditions and made efforts to ensure the orderly progress of the project. Their outstanding performance was highly acknowledged by the owner and general contractor.

The installation of molten-salt thermocline tanks lays a solid foundation for work in the next phase. The local project team of Lanpec will continue to complete the follow-up construction on schedule in line with quality engineering requirements.

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