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SIPPR to renovate the national stadium of Sierra Leone




Planning map of Sierra Leone National Stadium designed by SIPPR [Photo/]

SIPPR Engineering Group Co (SIPPR), a subsidiary of Sinomach, recently won the bid for the design and management of a national stadium overhaul project in Sierra Leone. It is another national stadium project taken on by the company besides the ones in Djibouti, Togo and Fiji.

The national stadium, located in Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone, was completed in 1978 with the help of the Chinese government. As the largest stadium in the capital, it hosts regional and international competitions such as the Africa Cup of Nations and the football leagues in West Africa, as well as domestic football and track and field events. Large activities such as political rallies, religious presentations, commercial activities and National Day celebrations are also held in the stadium. It is a landmark of Freetown and a symbol of the friendship between China and Sierra Leone.

The renovation plan will prioritize safe use of the stadium. SIPPR will draw on the original architectural pattern of the stadium and integrate local characteristics and Chinese architectural elements into its innovative design. The final plan shows significant improvements in overall functions and architectural appearance.

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