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CUC designs world-leading fly ash incinerator




Architectural ceramics bases in Gaoan city of east China’s Jiangxi province [Photo/]

The first 130t/h circulating fluidized bed combustor fly ash incinerator designed by China United Engineering Corporation (CUC) has made its global debut. Having successfully passed ignition tests in Gaoan city of east China’s Jiangxi province, it has smoothly entered the stage of thermal commissioning.

Located in Gaoan city, known as "China’s architectural ceramics industry base", the project is aimed at optimizing the energy structure of the local architectural ceramics bases, promoting the park’s circular using of resources, and developing the local clean energy and environmental protection industry.

A complete clean coal gas plant with a calorimetric value of 1,500 kcal/Nm3 and an annual output of 13 billion cubic meters is planned, with the first phase, a supporting waste heat and waste energy utilization power station and 110kV substation, controlled by CUC.

The incinerator is capable of handling 500t of fly ash a day, with rated evaporation capacity of 130t/h, steam temperature of 571℃ and pressure of 13.7MPa, the largest fly ash treatment capacity and highest steam parameters for a facility of that kind in the world.

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