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Sinomach-IT enables high quality melt-blown nonwoven production




Semi-closed micro-hole EDM machine newly developed by Sinomach-IT [Photo/]

With the mask becoming an important epidemic protective material since the outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for melt-blown nonwoven fabric, one of its integral parts, has sharply increased. A spinneret plate, which provides micro-hole machining for the fabric, is the core of melt-blown nonwoven production equipment.

Sinomach Intelligence Technology Co (Sinomach-IT) has successfully developed a new semi-closed micro-hole EDM machine to serve the needs of higher quality melt-blown nonwoven production.

The machine adopts a new all-in-one design and a high-precision closed-loop structure, which meets the required accuracy of positioning and size. It marks a new breakthrough in high quality melt-blown nonwoven fabric processing.

In view of a mass of urgent orders, Sinomach-IT has mobilized all resources to ensure its customers’ smooth production of epidemic protective supplies.

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