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SIPPR wins 2 successive engineering design projects



SIPPR Engineering Group Co (SIPPR), a subsidiary of Sinomach, by virtue of its comprehensive technical strength and brand influence, has been chosen to undertake the engineering design of the high-performance tool matrix production line of Fujian Cemented Carbide Industrial Park (phase I), and the planning and design of the reconstruction and new construction of the Zhongyuan Kunpeng Ecological Innovation Center's manufacturing base.


Planning map of Fujian Cemented Carbide Industrial Park [Photo/]

Fujian Cemented Carbide Industrial Park is designed to the standards of a green and intelligent factory. It applies BIM technology to fully integrate industrial technology, digital technology and intelligent management, realizing optimal allocation of resources and digital production management, as well as mechanization and automation of process equipment and intelligent and green standardization of production processes.


Planning map of the Zhongyuan Kunpeng Ecological Innovation Center's manufacturing base [Photo/]

The construction of the manufacturing base of Zhongyuan Kunpeng Ecological Innovation Center is an important project introduced by the Henan provincial government to build a local Kunpeng hardware production base to supply the relevant server and PC production base. It will also function as an after-sales service and supply chain center. In the future, the center will focus on gathering ecological partners, cultivating talents and incubating industrial standards to reshape the computing industry.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the working groups on related projects of SIPPR have deliberated over implementation plans through video conferences and remote modeling to ensure their smooth progress. The two projects are of great significance to the institute’s development in the fields of electronic information and intelligent manufacturing, and will further consolidate its design advantages in building engineering.

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