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Sinomach’s torch park settles in China-Belarus Industrial Park




Representatives of the company and the China-Belarus Industrial Park are shown at the project entrance ceremony on March 20. [Photo/]

The torch park construction project of Sinomach, which is undertaken by its subsidiary China CAMC Engineering Co (CAMCE), signed with the China-Belarus Industrial Park on March 20.

As a leading company in China's machinery industry, Sinomach takes an active part in scientific and technological innovation under the framework of the Belt and Road. Based on the resource advantage of the China-Belarus Industrial Park, the project will intensify scientific and technological cooperation between the Chinese side including Sinomach, China's high-end research institutions and innovative enterprises, and the foreign side including Belarus and other members of the Eurasian Economic Union. It will also help the company build its overseas platform for science and technology, research and development and innovation.

Given the global spread of COVID-19, Sinomach as a backbone central enterprise makes unremitting efforts to promote the progress of major national undertakings such as the torch park project. With an eye on safeguarding the safety and health of its employees the company organized its teams at home and abroad to work together to formulate detailed construction and operation plans, striving to ensure that the project proceeds as scheduled. The signing of the project is a demonstration for Belt and Road cooperative projects in the special pandemic period, and has a positive impact on the high-quality development of the park.

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