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Sinomach Heavy Industry refuels domestic and foreign projects




Excavators made by Sinomach Heavy Industry [Photo/]

With the domestic situation of pandemic prevention and control getting better, all kinds of engineering construction projects have resumed work and production. While helping with domestic infrastructural projects, China Sinomach Heavy Industry Corporation (Sinomach Heavy Industry), a subsidiary of Sinomach, strives to ensure smooth cooperation with overseas customers under the impact of the pandemic.

Sinomach Heavy Industry has sent equipment such as loaders, excavators, road rollers, graders, garbage compacting machines, truck cranes and garbage trucks to provinces and cities in China to help local projects construction. For example, the road and bridge construction project in Henan province, a landfill in Shanxi province, an expressway in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, agricultural construction and road and bridge construction in Jiangsu province, and a mine in Anhui province.

Overseas sales have also made significant progress. In early March, graders ordered by a South Korean company were successfully packed into boxes and sent to Busan, South Korea for use in local infrastructural projects.

In addition, the company has shipped its loaders to Russia, Brazil and Vietnam in batches, and its excavators to Argentina.

As the number of products delivered to customers increases day by day, Sinomach Heavy Industry is about to hit its peak production season. It will continue to serve customers with intelligent, efficient and energy-saving construction machinery equipment and high-quality service.

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