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Zhang Xiaolun supervises CHTC’s pandemic prevention and control and work resumption




Zhang Xiaolun, chairman of Sinomach, makes a video call to Shaoyang Textile Machinery Co to learn about its work. [Photo/}

Zhang Xiaolun, chairman of Sinomach, visited its subsidiary China Hi-Tech Group Corporation (CHTC) on Mar 12 to inspect the company’s work on pandemic prevention and control and production recovery.

During the visit, Zhang made a video call to Shaoyang Textile Machinery Co to learn about the production situation and express his empathy to its front-line workers. He paid close attention to the employees’ health, and inquired about the company’s progress in work resumption and production schedules. At present, the production capacity of the company has been restored to one hundred percent, and ninety percent of its staff has returned to work without any infected case.

Shaoyang Textile Machinery has professional advantages in producing melt-blown fabric equipment, where it has a history of nearly 30 years. It has currently undertaken the supply tasks of 34 related production lines. Twelve production lines of China Petrochemical Corporation and three of China National Petroleum Corporation have promised to deliver the goods 10 days earlier than the contracted time so as to guarantee high quality products and on-schedule delivery. At present, the main design process has been completed and the production plan has been sent to the workshops with parts processing fully rolled out.

Zhang then listened to the reports made by CHTC’s leader on pandemic prevention and control and work resumption.

More than 40,000 employees of the company’s headquarters and its nearly 300 subsidiaries have so far been safe from group infection. Its work resumption rate has reached 98%, the employee on-duty rate has reached 80%, and production capacity has been restored to more than 81%. The company produces 24 tons of melt-blown fabric per day, standing in the forefront of similar domestic enterprises. It has arranged 420 medical protective clothing layering machines for specified protective clothing manufacturers. The company has also signed 81 contracts for melt-blown, spunbonded and spunlaced nonwoven production lines. The projects, once completed, will greatly alleviate the shortage of pandemic prevention materials.

Zhang spoke highly of Shaoyang Textile Machinery and CHTC, and expressed his gratitude to the workers for their hard work. He stressed that although the production task is urgent, the prevention and control measures should be put in place to safeguard the workers' lives and health. The companies must do a good job in production safety and give full play to their existing production capacity. It is also important to plan for a good foundation for their development in the next stage.

Zhang indicated that the efficient work resumption of these subsidiaries has fully reflected the capacity and responsibility of Sinomach as a central enterprise. The companies should also do well in overseas service and development, establishing the image of China in the global market along the Belt and Road, while serving national needs, he said.

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