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First medical protective clothing layering machine developed by Sinomach passes MIIT’s appraisal and goes into production




The first medical protective clothing layering machine developed by Sinomach [Photo/]

The first medical protective clothing layering machine designed and manufactured by Hi-Tech Heavy Industry Co, affiliated to China High-Tech Group Co (CHTC), a subsidiary of Sinomach, has passed the appraisal and acceptance process conducted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China (MIIT), with its technology and operation both reaching production and application standards.

A layering machine, used to seal the joints and seams of protective clothing materials in order to maintain an absolute protective seal and ensure the safety of medical workers, is significant in that its ability to seal medical protective clothing allows production on a large scale. Such machines in general use would overcome the current bottleneck.

After the approval, ten layering machines were immediately sent to five medical protective clothing manufacturers designated by the MIIT. By the end of February, a total of 270 layering machines will be delivered across the country, with a daily production of 100-150 pieces per machine.  

Guided by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), Sinomach initiated the research and development of the machine immediately. It only took nine days to complete the task from the start of development to the first machine passing appraisal and acceptance.

Able to develop solutions from scratch, Sinomach upheld its sense of responsibility and overcame multiple difficulties, achieving its target at high speed once again after realizing daily output of one million surgical masks ahead of schedule.  

Sinomach will continue to spare no effort to expand the production of medical supplies and go all out to develop and produce relevant equipment under the guidance of SASAC. The company strives to be a strong backing of the battle against the virus and gives full play to its strengths and advantages to meet the country’s needs.

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