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Sinomach holds 5th economic operation analysis conference





The fifth economic operation analysis conference of the financial investment section of Sinomach was held at the headquarters in Beijing on July 24. [Photo/]

On July 24, the financial investment section of Sinomach held the fifth economic operation analysis conference in the headquarters. Wu Xiaohui, chief accountant of Sinomach attended the conference and made demands on the work.

Representatives from the company’s subsidiaries in the financial and investment sector participated in the conference and provided reports on the operation and problems in the first half of 2019.

Wu responded to the issues raised by the enterprises that need to be solved by the parent company.

Wu emphasized that all enterprises should comprehensively improve the level of Party construction to promote high-quality development.

A long-term and effective working system should also be established to specify problems, missions and responsibilities.

Wu also pointed out that all the enterprises should strengthen their sense of responsibility, make good plans and arrangements to ensure that they will achieve the goals by the end of this year.

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