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Sinomach’s leader checks on geological equipment



The vice president of the China National Machine Industry Corp (Sinomach), Zeng Xiangdong, in a visit to the Hengtan Geological and Mining Engineering Co, in the city of Yiyang, Hunan province, on March 16, got a close look at the company and listened to a report from the company’s leader, and said that he clearly recognized their work.

Zeng also had some suggestions for the company in its work, about maintaining normal cash flow, transforming and upgrading products, guaranteeing development, increasing investment in new product development, risk control, improving R&D personnel, carrying out a variety of business, outsourcing and improving margins, increasing Party development, improving production safety, and improving old factory inspections.

He concluded by asking Sinomach departments to assist Hengtan, which is a subsidiary of the China Geological Equipment (Group) Co, in its science and technology program and technical qualifications.


Sinomach leaders at Hengtan Geological and Mining Engineering Co, in Yiyang, Hunan province, on March 16.

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