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Uganda’s president inspects a CAMCE power transformer project




Yoweri Museveni (1st, L), President of Uganda, cuts the ribbon for a substation in Central Uganda’s Mukono District. [Photo/]

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni recently inspected a power transmission and distribution project for the Ugandan Industrial Park, which was undertaken by Sinomach subsidiary China CAMC Engineering Co Ltd (CAMCE), and announced the official launch of the transformer substation in Central Uganda’s Mukono District.

The industrial park, located nearby Kampala, capital and largest city of Uganda, had previously suffered from unstable power supply until the project’s completion.

The project included the construction of four 132kV and 33kV GIS substations (gas insulated substations) and their auxiliary transmission lines. The four substations have passed acceptance, and the one in Mukono, completed in July 2019, has run well to date and provided sufficient and stable electricity for the factories in the surrounding area.

Museveni spoke highly of the role of the Uganda Industrial Park Power Transformer Project in the country’s industrialization. He noted that the Mukono substation is an important part of the blueprint of Uganda’s development and reform, and has greatly alleviated power shortages in surrounding industrial facilities.

The substation has helped local enterprises to expand production, while the project as a whole has promoted China-Uganda economic and trade cooperation, creating great economic and social benefits.

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