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CAMCE’s water plant in Bangladesh helps build green Belt and Road




Aerial view of the Padma Water Treatment Plant in Bangladesh [Photo/]

The Belt and Road Initiative International Green Development Coalition (BRIGC) released its BRI Green Development Case Studies (2020) on Dec 1. Thirteen projects were selected for review, including the Padma Water Treatment Plant in Bangladesh undertaken by China CAMC Engineering Co (CAMCE), a subsidiary of Sinomach.

Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangladesh, attended the opening ceremony and inaugurated the plant on Oct 11, 2019. Since its operation, the project has provided clean drinking water for local people, and greatly enhanced the capacity to supply purified water to the capital Dhaka, benefiting about three million residents.

It has also contained the geological hazards caused by the excessive exploitation of local groundwater, improved the sanitary conditions, and played an important role in promoting local economic development and environmental protection.

Initiated by President Xi Jinping, BRIGC was established to provide platforms for policy dialogue and communication, for knowledge and information sharing, and for green technology exchanges and transfers, so as to advance global consensus, understanding, cooperation, and concerted actions to achieve green development of the BRI.

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