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CCEC builds hospitals in Zambia to help local anti-pandemic fight




Exterior and interior views of a delivered Zambian hospital [Photo/]

China National Complete Engineering Corporation (CCEC), a subsidiary of Sinomach, has delivered two general hospitals in Zambia, respectively located in Petauke District of Eastern Province and Chinsali District of Muchinga Province. They are already huge boosters in the local fight against the novel coronavirus.

Both hospitals, the only modern general hospitals in the host provinces, have 216 beds and are equipped with ventilators along with ECOMO and CT. They are part of the Zambian hospital and auxiliary building project undertaken by CCEC. The project also involves construction of a specialized hospital in the capital city of Lusaka with supporting facilities and medical equipment.

Chitalu Chilufya, Minister of Health of Zambia, designated the Chinsali General Hospital to isolate and treat patients infected with COVID-19 on May 9, and medical workers immediately entered it and prepared to begin treatments on the following day.

In order to maintain the water and electricity systems in the wards as well as the hospital’s smooth operations, the project department arranged technicians to be on call at the site and provided professional guidance and training to the Zambian medical staff.

The Lusaka Specialized Hospital is under closed construction, with ninety-five percent completed now. When it is put into operation, it will effectively improve the overall medical level of Zambia and the medical conditions of local people, further contributing to the fight against the worldwide pandemic.

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