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Member Companies


  • Manufacturing

    SINOMACH Heavy Equipment Group Co., Ltd. YTO Group Corporation China Foma (Group) Co., Ltd. China Geological Equipment Group Co., Ltd China Sinomach Heavy Industry Corporation China Hi-tech Group Corporation SINOMACH Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.China Erzhong Machinery Group Co., Ltd.
  • Engineering and Trade

    China Machinery Engineering Corporation China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd. China Ocean Aviation Group Limited SUMEC Group Corporation China Machinery Industry Construction Group Inc. China National Machine Tool Sales and Technical Service Corp. China National Heavy Machinery Corporation China CACS Engineering Corporation China Perfect Machinery Industry Corp Ltd China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd.
  • Research

    Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute Co., Ltd. SINOMACH Academy of Science and Technology Co., Ltd China United Engineering Corporation Limited SIPPR Engineering Group Co., Ltd Hefei General Machinery Research Institute Co Ltd Shanghai Lanbin Petrochemical Equipment Co Ltd Sinomach Precision Industry Co Tianjin Research Institute of Electric Science Co., Ltd. China National Electric Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Mechanical Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd Chongqing Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd. Chengdu Tool Research Institute Co., Ltd China National Heavy Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd. Suzhou Electromaching Machine Tool Research Institute Co., Ltd. Guilin Electrical Equipment Scientific Research Institute Co., Ltd. Shenyang Academy of Instrumentation Science Co., Ltd.
  • Automobile

    SINOMACH Automobile Co., Ltd Automotive Engineering CorporationChina National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd.
  • Finance

    Sinomach Capital Management Corporation Sinomach Finance Co., Ltd. SINOMACH Capital Holding CorporationSinomach Beijing Shared Service Center Co., Ltd
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